Thursday, 6 November 2014

Why membership?

I am updating the RFC Membership Course notes for this Sunday and was happily reminded why we value membership. I thought existing members would also benefit from a reminder...

Why membership?
Membership is not a biblical command but is a pragmatic and helpful response to our individualistic and fractured culture (and 2000yrs of church history has also played it's part in creating division!). Membership can help us to publicly expresses both the value and the desire to be part of a community.

It signals your expectation to be cared for by the church and your desire to play your part in meeting the needs of our community with your time, talents & treasure. Membership gives you permission to speak into church life and gives others permission to speak into yours.

Our expectation for church members is four fold:
·         They desire to grow in their ‘Joy & Satisfaction’ in God.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Relationships’ with others in the church.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Acts of Service’, especially for fellow members.

·         They desire to grow in their ‘Stewardship’ of their time, talents & treasure.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Building & Vision Fund update

Building Update: You may well be aware that we have recently been exploring purchasing a warehouse in the south of Reading. Three years ago we formed a Buildings Team led by Ian Anderson and recently they have been looking at 4 Acre Rd, the building below. I thought would be helpful to share a summary of their findings: 

'Over all its big, (16,000 sqft plus two mezzanine floors each 8000 sqft) and we could make the space work; the offices are ready to go and still have room for more initiatives. We could use the shed at the back for some social action or employment project. However we are paying for about 8000 sqft of mezzanine floor space that we will take out, and there will be a major project to put in heating lighting, fresh air, air conditioning, kitchen, toilets, showers etc.

In summary the Buildings Team have some reservations due to difficulties with the change of use, parking, the cost and value, and also location but we propose to the the elders that we take this to pre planning stages. This would give us a better understanding of the councils views in the south Reading area, and give a clear indication to them that we want a building of our own.' 

So the next step is to formally talk to the town planners at Reading Borough Council. We haven't made an offer for the building, nor have the reservations & difficulties gone away but it seems the next best thing to do.

Vision Fund: We are now in our 4th cycle of raising £100k a year for our Vision Fund. Over the two Giftdays on 19th & 20th October £45,798 was given and a further £43,000 was pledged! This is a strong start to this cycle of fund raising.

Thank you to everyone who has given and will be redeeming pledges ... surely a building isn't too far away now!