Tuesday, 24 February 2015

5th anniversary @ South St

Five years ago fifty 'morning RFC people' started to double shift on a Sunday to help us launch an evening congregation in the town centre. Last Sunday evening we celebrated with helium balloons, an epic birthday cake and we reminded ourselves of what Jesus has been doing.
As I listened to people and watched the videos sent in by those who've since moved away, I was struck by how many lives have been touched by this congregation. So many people have felt part of Gods family & have had their faith rekindled or strengthen. Whilst it is true to say we haven't seen many saved, we have had some and joyfully baptised them!

My three children have all made the 6pm meeting at South St their home, something I didn't anticipate but am delighted with. The meeting really has a special vibe, why don't you get along one Sunday and experience it.