Friday, 8 July 2016

Luca Anderson

I'm guessing that by now many in RFC will have heard the tragic news that Luca Anderson died on Sunday night (3rd July). His death was unexpected and as yet unexplained. His second birthday is only a month away. 

Clearly for James & Jenny, their daughter Zara and their wider family and friends, this is devastating news. It is also heart breaking for us as their church family, it wasn't that long ago we had his thanksgiving. 

Like many, Liz and I have cried a lot this week, as well as hugged our own kids a little tighter. We shall be around this Sunday and I will be speaking at all three meetings. 

Please keep praying for family Anderson. Let's be those who 'mourn with those who mourn' (Rom12v15) but with a robust hope in Christ and the resurrection to come (1Thess 4v14).